Codell Construction Company is very conscious of the carbon footprint that a construction project can leave. Our company is staying with the current trends and products that can be used to alleviate environmental strains during and after construction. Codell Construction has LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Advantaged Certified employees. Our Project Managers and Superintendents attend classes and seminars to work on achieving their LEED certifications and to provide Owners with the most environmentally friendly project within their budget. Their training and jobsite experience with LEED requirements make them valuable members of the team.

Codell Construction currently has several projects on track to receive LEED certification and are LEED certified, including Hancock County Judicial Center which will be the first Judicial Center in Kentucky to receive LEED Certification.

Codell Construction is knowledgeable in implementing the procedures and documents required during planning, design, bidding, awarding subcontracts, construction and post construction to obtain LEED Certification. Codell Construction is continually integrating the methods and materials required by LEED guidelines into our construction management depth of practice. Even though LEED Certification may not be desired on a construction project, we still use our knowledge and experience to provide the most environmentally and energy efficient construction project within the scope of work and budget.