Codell Construction Company provides Construction Management services for numerous types of construction projects.  Our company has over 100 years of construction experience including but not limited to primary education, high education, medical facilities, libraries, judicial centers, detention centers, family activity centers, industrial, privately-owned projects and federal projects.  On all of our construction management projects, Codell Construction serves as a “Pure Construction Manager”.

Codell Construction feels that all phases of a construction project are extremely important and we commit to making this process successful, high quality, cost efficient and completed on schedule.  Below are just some of the services that we provide as Construction Manager:


  • Visit the site as many times as necessary to allow us to offer valuable input throughout the design
  • Attend all design meetings
  • Proactive involvement in value designing throughout all phases of design
  • Assist with LEED certification of the project, if desired by the Owner(s)
  • Review all design documents and provide a written review report for each design phase
  • Perform constructability review on design documents
  • Provide an estimate of construction costs based upon preliminary drawings supplied by the Architect
  • Update and revise construction cost estimate based upon the construction drawings as they are being completed
  • Develop a detailed construction schedule consisting of times of commencement and completion of each contractor.  Recommend a schedule for the Owner’s purchase of materials, assist in the procurement, prepare purchase orders and coordinate the delivery of these materials.
  • Release early bid packages, if feasible.


  • Develop detailed bid packages to ensure that all items within the scope of work are covered but not duplicated. Making sure the packages are developed to achieve maximum contractor participation.
  • Assist and advise on the method of receiving bids.  Help establish qualification requirements of contractors bidding on various categories of work.
  • Solicit qualified bidders through our computerized listing of sub-contractors, newspaper ads, distributing documents to plan room locations and hold local job fairs to seek participation from local contractors and vendors as well as DBE, MBE and WBE contractors.
  • Conduct Pre-Bid Conferences to answer questions that any contractor or vendor may have. Provide paper copies of the bid forms and explain the steps of how to correctly fill them out. These conferences also allows 2nd tier bidding opportunity for smaller contractors and vendors that can meet and team with some of the larger companies.
  • Conduct public bid opening
  • Evaluate low bids and interview low bidders to make sure they have a responsive bid
  • Make recommendation of responsive bidders to the design team and the Owner(s)
  • Administrate Construction Contracts
  • Administrate Direct Pay Purchase Orders to enable the Owner(s) to receive the Sales Tax Savings.


  • Provide temporary office trailer with phone, fax and a computer with data line
  • Provide a full time staff throughout the construction phase
  • Maintain construction schedule utilizing Primavera SureTrak and/or Microsoft Project software
  • Update project schedule daily, accounting for changes in work, delivery of materials, occupancy requirements, etc.
  • Receive, review and track all shop drawings and submittals utilizing programs such as Constructware, RMS and QCS
  • Provide all project management, supervision, safety inspections, quality control inspections
  • Provide all reports such as Daily Reports, Inspection Reports, etc. to the Owner(s)
  • Schedule and conduct weekly coordination meetings with all trade contractors
  • Schedule and conduct Monthly Management meetings with Owner(s), Architects & Engineers and Trade Contractors
  • Follow all procedures for the project to obtain LEED certification should the Owner(s) desire to seek certification
  • Process Progress Payment Applications
  • Process and track all RFI’s
  • Monitor and update the construction schedule and take appropriate action to ensure the project stays on schedule
  • Provide Budget Cost Summaries
  • Maintain Cost Accounting Records
  • Develop cash flow reports and forecasts.  Keep an estimate of costs up to date, showing actual costs for activities in progress and estimates for work remaining.
  • Work as the Owner’s Advocate on all change orders whether it be an Owner requested upgrade, a value engineering cost saving, concealed condition, etc.
  • Prepare punch list for all Trade Packages and ensure that all items are corrected
  • Facilitate all final inspections with the Architect and Engineers


  • Coordinate and provide all close out documents such as warranties and guarantees
  • Provide all As Builts
  • Provide all O&M Manuals
  • Coordinate and provide all user training
  • Turn over all maintenance stock and keys
  • Coordinate all Warranty Work
  • Provide any post construction LEED requirements, if the project has pursued LEED certification
  • Provide a guarantee that labor, material and equipment are free of defects for 1 year or longer if requested by the customer.