Corporate Background

Codell Construction is a fourth-generation family owned corporation.  We have proudly provided quality construction services throughout the world for over 100 years.  Codell Construction was established in 1908, and was incorporated in 1917.

In past years Codell Construction has actively participated in several large Joint Ventures as well as performing sizeable contracts as an individual company.  The Company participated in the Joint Venture which built the $150 million Oroville Dam in California, at the time the highest earthfill dam in the world, and was actively involved in the construction of Trans Alaska Pipeline System.

Codell Construction was involved in a three company Joint Venture in Guatemala, C.A., over a period of ten years. This Venture completed the lengthening and resurfacing of the Guatemala City International Airport, and also performed work for the Guatemalan Highway Department during the ten-year period.

Our company has experience with a wide array of projects including medical facilities, higher educational facilities, primary educational facilities, city facilities, offices, housing, detention centers, community centers, libraries, privately-owned, judicial centers and industrial projects.  Codell Construction has also established a Western Kentucky branch office located in Eddyville, Kentucky for our expanding business in the Western Kentucky and Southeast areas.

In the recent years, Codell Construction has established a Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant division.  We have in-house personnel that excel in the management and oversight of these projects.  Staying up-to-date with the trends is extremely important and allows Codell to provide the Owner with the most accurate information, estimates, schedules and to provide them with the best options for their specific project. Our experience includes new plants, renovations and filter replacements.

We also provide our services to different Federal Government projects.  We currently have a Kentucky IDIQ contract with GSA and a MATOC IDIQ contract with Tennessee.  We have completed/currently working at 118th Airlift Wing TANG in Nashville, TN and 164th Airlift Wing in Memphis, TN.  We also have experience with MATOC IDIQ contracts in states such as Mississippi, Louisiana, Illinois, North and South Carolina and Kentucky.

Codell Construction provides services in state of emergency situations.  We are always trying to assist in any state that has had a natural disaster.  We understand the high importance of helping communities get back on their feet and have done so locally and out of state.  We have provided emergency services to Belfry Middle School and Johns Creek Elementary School in Pikeville, KY when the schools were flooded and were renovated by the time school started back in August.  Also after Hurricane Katrina hit, Codell Construction went to Mississippi and helped rebuild multiple schools.  Codell completed renovating a hotel for flood victims for Pikeville College utilizing local Job Corp students on this project.

Codell urges you to contact any of our clients with respect to our capabilities. Please take some time to review this website to learn more about Codell Construction Company.